C Example 1 . input output of all basic data types

Posted by xuepro on October 30, 2017




 Enter a character: C
 Enter a signed short value: -32768


 You entered character: 'C'
 You entered signed short: -32768


 * C program to demonstrate input output of primitive data types
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
     * Declare all primitive and derived types
    char charVal;
    unsigned char uCharVal;
    short shortVal;
    unsigned short uShortVal;
    int intVal;
    unsigned int uIntVal;
    long longVal;
    unsigned long uLongVal;
    long long longLongVal;
    unsigned long long uLongLongVal;
    float floatVal;
    double doubleVal;
    long double longDoubleVal;
     * Read input in each type
    printf("Enter a character: ");
    charVal = getchar();
    getchar(); // <-- Dummy getchar() to capture enter
    printf("Enter another character: ");
    uCharVal = getchar();
    getchar(); // <-- Dummy getchar() to capture enter
    printf("Enter a signed short value: ");
    scanf("%hi", &shortVal);
    printf("Enter an unsigned short value: ");
    scanf("%hu", &uShortVal);
    printf("Enter an signed integer value: ");
    scanf("%d", &intVal);
    printf("Enter an unsigned integer value: ");
    scanf("%lu", &uIntVal);
    printf("Enter a signed long value: ");
    scanf("%ld", &longVal);
    printf("Enter an unsigned long value: ");
    scanf("%lu", &uLongVal);
    printf("Enter a signed long long value: ");
    scanf("%lld", &longLongVal);
    printf("Enter an unsigned long long value: ");
    scanf("%llu", &uLongLongVal);
    printf("Enter a float value: ");
    scanf("%f", &floatVal);
    printf("Enter a double value: ");
    scanf("%lf", &doubleVal);
    printf("Enter a long double value: ");
    scanf("%Lf", &longDoubleVal);
     * Print the value of all variable
    printf("\nYou entered character: '%c' \n", charVal);
    printf("You entered unsigned character: '%c' \n\n", uCharVal);
    printf("You entered signed short: %hi \n", shortVal);
    printf("You entered unsigned short: %hu \n\n", uShortVal);
    printf("You entered signed int: %d \n", intVal);
    printf("You entered unsigned int: %lu \n\n", uIntVal);
    printf("You entered signed long: %ld \n", longVal);
    printf("You entered unsigned long: %lu \n\n", uLongVal);
    printf("You entered signed long long: %lld \n", longLongVal);
    printf("You entered unsigned long long: %llu \n\n", uLongLongVal);
    printf("You entered float: %f \n", floatVal);
    printf("You entered double: %lf \n", doubleVal);
    printf("You entered long double: %Lf \n", longDoubleVal);

    return 0;


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