如何删除windows 系统上的EFI系统分区

How to Delete EFI System Partition in Windows

Posted by xuepro on June 7, 2019

看这篇文章就行了。 How to Delete EFI System Partition in Windows

Step 1(第一步). Open DiskPart(打开DiskPart

    1. Hit “Windows Key + R” to open the run dialogue box. (点”Windows Key + R” 建 )
    1. Enter diskpart and click “OK” to open a black command prompt window. (命令行窗口输入diskpart)

Step 2(第二部). Delete EFI partition with command line (在命令行删除EFI 分区)

Type the below command lines and hit Enter each time(输入下列命令):

  • list partition” (It displays all the volumes on the hard drive.该命令显示所有分区)
  • select partition 1” (It identifies which partition you want to remove. Here 1 stands for the volume letter.该命令选择某个分区)
  • delete partition override” (It removes the EFI partition from Windows disk.该命令删除选择的分区)

如下图所示(我的 EFI系统分区在sidk 1上):

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